Simon Shuker's Code-Cracker
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Volume Twelve Now Out
Simon Shuker’s Code-Cracker Volume Twelve has now been released. Bookshops around New Zealand have been ordering the latest volume, but you may want to check with your local store to see if they have purchased their copies yet.  You should be able to buy the twelfth volume from the same place you bought the other books: to help you find a stockist, click here for the list of shops that have previously purchased copies. If your local store doesn’t yet have the books, they can order in copies from the distributor, whose details are available here. Have fun! Volume Twelve Book Cover
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Take5 Collection Now Out
Take5, the smaller and sometimes trickier sibling of the Code-Cracker has been a feature in the New Zealand Listener for over two decades, and the new Take5 Collection is now available in stores. Take5 Cover
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