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Interactive Code-Cracker Samples

EACH number in our Code-Cracker grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. Every letter of the alphabet is used. One or two starter letters are given with each Code-Cracker. These have been entered into our interactive samples, and it's up to you to complete the puzzles. Now look for a position where a word can be completed. This is the starter word or keyword and all Code-Cracker puzzles begin with a unique keyword or combination of keywords. The next word in the Code-Cracker trail will use one or more of the new letters you found when solving the keyword. Now look for the next word in the trail... As you figure out the words, click on a square and enter the letter you think should be there. Letters chosen are indicated in the alphabet under the grid

You need Java enabled to view the crossword applet.

You need Java enabled to view the crossword applet.